Chat with a live mistress

In 2018, you’ll see that some people are really getting off to the reversal of gender roles. The times where the man was obviously the more dominant one in society are slowly fading away, as we reach literal equality. This surely is a good thing, as it opens the door to new fetishes rising up. I’m not saying people didn’t want to be dominated by girls back in the day, (there were most likely some greeks out there that came up with fetishes like that). So, you need not feel disenfranchised because of your fetish, there are plenty more people like you out there. This means you shouldn’t hide it, but rather, take that word, meditate upon it and shout it out loud when you get bored of it.

I’m not “really” telling you to run into people out there to tell them that you like mistresses, but you should definitively be more open about it. People talk about these things nowadays, so you should really tell people what kind of shit you like. A good stepping stone to coming out would be checking out porn that is oriented purely around femdom, whether it’s gentle femdom where girls treat their subs like little boys and take charge or harsh femdom where the guy gets treated like a bitch. In the end, it doesn’t matter. What truly matters is that you treat yourself and enjoy whatever you enjoy, since you can’t change that, right?

To go further on from that point would mean that you would have to interact with real people, and tell them about your fetish. Now, you might not be ready to look them straight in the eye and tell them about the type of porn you like, and you honestly shouldn’t be doing that. Not right away, at least. Luckily, there is one more stepping stone between real word face-to-face interaction that would finally unveil you, and you would be out there, a (not literally) naked man. The commoner’s eye would now know that you are a submissive man and that you are at peace with it. The stepping stone in-between these two major ones are webcam shows that involve chatting with a real mistress. These girls would be glad to make you feel good, and you would get more in touch with their lingo. Who knows, one day you might get a hot mistress for yourself.